The Pathfinder



As children, the possibilities are infinite. Every moment is an opportunity to explore, create and live in harmony.
As we grow into adulthood, the programming of a consumer-centered culture starts to chip away at our true nature. The hustle distracts us from our dreams and turns us away from ourselves.

Over time, we repress the very things about us that make us light up in exchange for going through the motions.
We start to forget what it truly means to feel alive.

Our life is precious; quit chasing things outside of yourself to impress others and turn back to your roots. Your gifts. Your lifeforce.
Embrace your true nature. What does it mean to live a life true to you?

The Pathfinder is a functional workbook, guide and journal for embarking on your healing path of self-discovery and going on a daily quest where you show up for your future self and live in alignment with your dreams.

You will use practical strategies throughout the book to reconnect with your inspiration, vision and, most importantly, courage to live a life true to yourself.

The story is already in you; all you have to do is build it.



  • A4 Size : 8.5 x 11 inches
  • 260 Pages of guided content including journaling prompts, colouring pages, workpages and reflections.
  • Covered in Vegan Leather with a gold embossed design
  • 3 Ribbon Bookmarks
  • Printed using thick, high quality 120 GSM paper for easy writing
  • Packaged in a white cardboard box 
  • Shipped in Kraft Packaging


The Pathfinder is broken into two sections: The Five Pillars and The Daily Quest. 

The pillars take you on a journey of the soul from free-flowing self-expression, to declaring your visionary path.

The Daily Quest is a daily return to the soul, a ritual where you take time to think, assess and write down how you want to feel, what you want to contribute and how you will meet your future self with the decisions you make today.

Section One - The Five Pillars

  • Pillar One - The Rough Draft : This is for Free Flowing Self-Expression of your dreams, desires and fears. 
  • Pillar Two - Building The Vision : Exploring your current and future self and deep-diving into your top 5 desires and what is holding you back. 
  • Pillar Three - Your Energy : Developing a deeper understanding of your energetic needs from what drains you, what gives you energy, what self-sabotage looks like and that boundaries that could support your vision. 
  • Pillar Four - Your Story : Reflecting on what you already know, your philosophies, past lessons, what brings you joy and the impact that you want to have. 
  • Pillar Five - Pathfinder : Building and declaring your visionary path, how you will live a life true to yourself and the actions you're going to take to get started. 

Section Two - The Quest

A 90-day journaling and intention practice built to support you everyday in your Quest towards your highest self and a day well loved. 

The Daily Quest helps you live in the energy of your Future Self, Intentions and Five Wild Desires through practical, consistent daily action. 

The Daily Quest is broken into three collections so that you can focus on thirty days of energetic alignment at a time.