Use the Pathfinder to:

Explore your innermost dreams and unlock the potential that lies within. 

Discover the why behind your goals, empowering you to create a fulfilling path that aligns with your true self.

Identify your goals, dreams, and aspirations and map out how to make them a reality in a way that is meaningful for you.

Enjoy your daily ritual of showing up for the life you truly desire with 90 days of journaling and intention practices.


The Pathfinder is a keepsake-worthy handcrafted book, beautifully finished with premium, gold-stamped vegan leather. Explore your soul with a unique, stunning journal, sure to become a treasured part of your journey. Believe in yourself and
enjoy the adventure!

Premium Paper

High-quality, no-bleed 120 GSM paper, your words will never leave the page. Experience a smoother, more enjoyable writing experience!

Big Size

This A4-sized 8.5" x 11" journal provides plenty of space to record your ideas, ambitions and musings. 

Lay Flat Binding

Hand sewn, high-quality binding that lays completely flat, making note-taking and writing effortless.


The Pathfinder is broken into two sections:

The Five Pillars and The Daily Quest.

Our uniquely designed five pillars will help you to express yourself freely and declare your ultimate vision.

The Quest is an innovative 90-day journaling and intention system designed to help you take control of your life and pursue your wildest dreams. Split into three 30-day collections, it offers step-by-step guidance to set meaningful goals and make each day
a day well-loved.

The Five Pillars

Your Rough Draft
Harness the power of free-flowing self-expression and explore your desires and fears with ease.

Building Your Vision
Identify your top 5 desires and the blocks holding you back. Reach new depths of insight with this personalized and intuitive approach for uncovering your personal growth.

Your Energy
Uncover your energetic needs and gain practical insight, allowing you to break unhelpful patterns and create boundaries to support your goals.

Your Story
Reflect, reconsider and assess your knowledge, values and past experiences to explore your potential and find what truly brings you joy. Discover your unique path and make an impact.

Your Path
Through a process of self-reflection and decision-making, you'll be able to build your visionary path to a successful and meaningful life.

The Daily Quest

A 90-day journaling and intention practice built to support you every day in your Quest towards your highest self and a day well loved.

The Daily Quest is a daily ritual that you'll look forward to. It helps you live in energetic alignment, focusing on how you want to feel and how you will connect with your Five Wild Desires through practical, consistent daily action.

This 90-day journaling and intention practice is designed to help you live in energetic alignment, focusing on how you want to feel and achieving your Five Wild Desires. It's broken into 3 collections to provide a consistent and practical approach that's customized just for you. 

The Pathfinder
The Pathfinder
The Pathfinder
The Pathfinder
Healing Self-Discovery Journal with Coffee at bar
Vision Quest Journal
Healing Journey Guided Journal
The Pathfinder
The Pathfinder
The Pathfinder
The Pathfinder
Healing Self-Discovery Journal with Coffee at bar
Vision Quest Journal
Healing Journey Guided Journal
Healing Journey Guided Journal

The Pathfinder


Embark on a transformative journey towards a more joyful and purposeful existence with The Pathfinder.

The Pathfinder isn't just a journal – it's an innovative system meticulously crafted to empower you in taking command of your daily routines, propelling you toward your wildest dreams.

Inside its pages, you'll find a roadmap brimming with step-by-step guidance, thought-provoking prompts, and intention-setting exercises. These tools are designed to guide you as you pursue your goals and make every day a step toward the life you've envisioned.

The Pathfinder becomes your trusted companion for self-discovery, growth, and unleashing your innate potential.

What does it truly mean to live a life authentic to you?


The Pathfinder is broken into two sections:

The Five Pillars and The Daily Quest. 

The Pathfinder unveils itself in two sections: The Five Pillars and The Daily Quest.

Section One - The Five Pillars

1. Your Rough Draft: Liberate yourself and tap into uninhibited self-expression.

2. Building Your Vision: Illuminate your path by discovering and declaring your top five desires. Embrace a personalized, intuitive approach that helps you uncover and dismantle any roadblocks.

3. Your Energy: Unearth your unique energetic needs. Gain practical insights that empower you to break free from limiting patterns and establish boundaries that strengthen your ambitions.

4. Your Story: Reflect and evaluate your wisdom, principles, and past experiences. This journey reveals the core of your joy and potential, illuminating your unique path to making a meaningful impact.

5. Your Path: Craft your visionary life path through self-reflection and strategic decision-making. Forge the way to a life well loved.

Section Two - The Quest

The Quest introduces an innovative 90-day journaling and intention system – a framework that empowers you to pursue your dreams and goals.

Divided into three 30-day cycles, it takes you through an immersive experience, each day a great stride toward your most important goals.


  • Dimensions: A4 Size (8.5 x 11 inches)
  • Pages: 260 pages of meticulously guided content, spanning journaling prompts, captivating colouring pages, essential workpages, and insightful reflections.
  • Exterior: Enveloped in Vegan Leather, featuring an opulent gold embossed design.
  • Bookmarks: Equipped with three ribbon bookmarks for effortless navigation.
  • Paper Quality: Crafted using deluxe 120 GSM paper, offering a luxurious writing experience.
  • Packaging: Presented in an elegant white cardboard box.
  • Shipping: Safeguarded in eco-friendly Kraft Packaging for a sustainable touch
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