How will you live a life that's true to you?

Your life's journey contains infinite possibilities. Explore and connect with your own wisdom through the pillars of this self-led guide and journal for healing and self-discovery.

The Rough Draft

When you write, things that you didn't even know you wanted start to show themselves. Use the Rough Draft to share your deepest desires without fear or understanding. This is the place to get everything on paper in free-flowing self-expression. Have fun, let it all out.

Building Your Vision

Develop more clarity on your deepest desires. Why do you want what you want and what are you willing to struggle for? What do your goals demand of you? Understand the intention behind your desires, so that your energy starts to align with what YOU truly want.

Your Energy

Develop a deeper understanding of your energetic needs and the boundaries that will support your future self. What drains you, what gives you energy and, what does self-sabotage looks like for you? Your highest expression requires energetic alignment and understanding.

Your Story

Reflect on the times where you confronted adversity and uncertainty. What did you learn? What do you already know? Your past lessons contain wisdom that can help you develop your personal philosophy and the impact that you want to have.

The Pathfinder

Carve your own path and pursue it with excellency. How will you live a life that's well loved? Build and declare your visionary path. A life with purpose, passion and deep satisfaction. Show up for your future self by building an achievable action plan, rooted in small changes and consistency.

The Daily Quest

How will you show up for yourself every day? Capture how you want to feel and the impact you want to have in a daily quest. Build the life of your dreams. Broken into three, thirty day segments, each Quest contains an Intention Practice at the beginning and a Reflection Practice at the end.

Each of us already holds the innate wisdom to create the life of our dreams. 

May this book be a tool in your quest to unravel and return to who you came here to be. 

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