A Day Well Loved Notepad


Elevate your daily routine effortlessly with the A Day Well Loved Notepad – your gateway to intentional living, even when time is scarce.

Unlock Your Potential in Minutes

Our notepad empowers you to carve out a few precious minutes for yourself. Seamlessly infuse self-care, achievable objectives, and purposeful intentions into your day.

Elevate Each Day, Tear by Tear

The brilliance of this notepad lies in its simplicity. Each page, offers the opportunity to convert thoughts into actions. When your page is complete, simply tear it away – a symbol of your commitment to growth and transformation. Carry your intentions with you, wherever your journey takes you.


  • Dimensions: 14 x 21 centimeters, the perfect companion for your desk or bag.
  • Pages: 80 pages of premium 120 GSM paper, providing an optimal writing experience.
  • Packaging: Delivered in a white cardboard box
  • Shipping: Thoughtfully wrapped in Kraft Packaging