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It's just for you

It's just for you

It happens so gradually that we don't always notice it...

We all want to think well of ourselves.
We collect ideas of what that looks like as we journey through life.
Some are in service of who we want to be, and some were never for us. They're just ideas we picked up along the way, but damn, are they ever great distractions.

And by distractions, I mean these ideas - who we have to be, do, have and become to think well of ourselves...they shift us away from who we're here to be and what we're here to experience.

You always know when you're not living in alignment with your true self. You always know.
But returning to yourself is hard work, and it's much easier to quiet the whisper by seeking validation through accomplishments, things and acceptance from others.
But it's a short-term solution with long-term consequences; I think it's a huge part of why so many of us wake up one day with so many regrets and feel like there is not enough time left for a proper do-over.

The hard part is getting quiet and returning to ourselves.
Who are you here to be? The distractions start to lose their power when we take the time to understand who we are, what we really love, what we want our impact to be, and how we want to feel...
In vulnerability, we start to see a more aligned path. It doesn't have to make sense; it's just for you.

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